Name :

Horn Afrik

Email :

Phone :

2122 Call Center or 252636200001

Address :

Warsame Saed Building, Opposite of Indho Birta, Jigjigayar, Hargiesa, Somaliland

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Sell House / Land

Our sell house or land service at Horn Afrik Real Estate is designed to streamline the process of selling properties, leveraging the same efficient channels and extensive network that we use for rentals. With over 60 brokers strategically positioned across various areas, we have a strong presence in the market, allowing us to connect property sellers with potential buyers swiftly and effectively. Our brokers are highly skilled in property sales, providing expert guidance and support throughout the entire selling journey.

In addition to our dedicated broker network, we utilize technology to enhance our sell house or land service. Our popular mobile app serves as a platform for property sellers to showcase their listings to a wide audience of prospective buyers. Moreover, our active engagement on social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp groups ensures maximum visibility for properties on the market, reaching potential buyers where they are most active.

At Horn Afrik Real Estate, we prioritize transparency, efficiency, and client satisfaction in every property sale. Whether you're selling a house or land, our comprehensive sell house or land service offers a seamless experience, from listing your property to closing the deal. Trust us to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions and achieve optimal results for your property sale needs.