This service is golden because Horn Afrik pays all the money owed by the owner on the 1st of each month even if the customer does not pay. Building, Customer, Finance, contracts and maintenance is been handled by Horn Afrik.

This service is intended to help every Property Owner to increase his business and time. Owners will handover their property to Horn Afrik Real Estate by making a legal agreement with Horn Afrik. Horn Afrik will manage the finance, rent, Customer and your property itself. Owners will be notified by sms and direct call when ever it becomes necessary. In Property Management Service, Horn Afrik will pay all of its Owners by the 1st day of the month so you will get your rent bill. Moreover, Owners can take loans based on their contract. If you don’t get your bills on time? if you are living very far from your property? if you were looking for some one who manages your property? Horn Afrik is your best choice.