Our Services

Property Management
Your building needs care of its structure, paint, water pipes, electric and beauty. Moreover, buildings need refurbishing in order to be perfect environment to live and to exist over a years. Horn Afrik will help you assist the exact condition of your house then take decision then the task will be executed.

Horn Afrik has developed large network which allows customers to find their desired houses very easy. we have many number of brokers dedicated to help customer getting perfect house in terms of price and place.

All customers can call 521002, 636200001 and ask repairing service. Horn Afrik is your perfect company which will help you when repairing water pipes, toilets, electric, windows, doors and all house related issues.

Notary and Legal
Justice is what we are all looking for !!!, Horn Afrik is providing legal assistance in different areas. We will open branches in Hargeisa to help the people  get well documented and organized agreements. This service will be opened soon.